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Dalmatian Zagora: Food, wine, games and other short words that bring smile on the face

So, you are aware of natural beauties mentioned in the previous blog. You are right, all of this is incomplete without that human touch. Let's find out what that strange and loud inhabitants do in their leisure time.

Old school:

Mature men of Dalmatian Zagora live a simple life, which is sometimes quite hard to understand.
 Life philosophy and values are based on hard work combined with clear rational values.
 After hard work and lunch, the only reasonable solution is to take a nap.
Late afternoon is the right time to start with fun part of the day.
Gathering in local caffe bar is quite spontaneous, so after a short process of lobbying, teams are formed and the game can begin.
Summer time (when the weather is hot) is a season of bowling, well not exactly a bowling , but something that really looks like that.
I guess that this is the right time to attach a image of a game known as - boćanje.

As you can see, this is a game full of pressure with crowd just in front of the pitch. Training and skills are quite irrelevant, it is a game for mentally strong individuals.
Crowd's sympathies are always on the side of the team which is ready to make a joke and behave properly.

Sport and adventures:

If you are looking for something more sophisticated, well, the solution is just behind the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina -  Golf Club Topala with beautiful nine hole course is placed in a beautiful landscape of Posušje.

For those of you with advanterous spirit, our friends will bring you pleasures of buggy safari and kayaking, as well as a paintball and other kind of adventure tourism.

Or you could just put the towel over your back and go swimming in the Blue Lake, located in the centre of Imotski.

Food and wine:

One thing is common for old school hedonists and seekers of pleasure full of adrenaline - we all enjoy good food and a glass of wine.

Please, contact us for further information about this unique locality placed behind the Biokovo mountain.

Find your property on our website and become a proud Imota.

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Dalmatian Zagora: Imotski, hidden diamond revealing

Yes, we are aware that you've already heard for this area. You were floating in one of Makarska riviera beaches, looking at the Biokovo mountain and probably wondering: what kind of savages are hiding from this Mediterranean paradise ?
Guess what; things have changed, savages are reachable with infrastructural improvements, and you are all invited to go across the mountain.

Describing natural beauties and cultural heritage of Dalmatian Zagora would be a quite pretentious effort.
Our aim is to focus on short overview of property environment, and also on advantages of investment in this area.


Although located in continental part of Dalmatia, Imotski is full of Mediterranean signs, especially noticeable in traditionally stone houses and big central square.

It is quite extraordinary to see every day's connection between nature and inhabitants.
Imotski is proud to have park of nature Modro jezero, fascinating Crveno jezero and beautiful football stadium Gospin dolac  practically in town centre.

Biokovo mountain is natural border between Mediterranean and continental part of Dalmatia region.
From 2013. these two regions are connected through D532 road, which makes connection between locations reachable in twenty minutes driving distance through the awesome scenery.
 Significant infrastructural improvements were made with opening of A1 motorway Zagreb-Split-Dubrovnik.


We hope that this blog will awake your curiosity to explore this area.

Dalmatian Zagora is still revealing, so regarding mentioned infrastructural improvements, it is quite obvious that value of properties in this area will surely increase.

No matter if you are looking for a business opportunity, or just a new location for leisure - Dalmatian Zagora is excellent choice.

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Changes in Property taxation

From January 1st 2015. , Croatia has made significant changes in property taxation. This blog will bring you brief overview of changes, its implications on national real estate market and future movements. Our aim is to concentrate on economical figures, without intention of making too early valuation of mentioned changes.

Property taxes:

For last seventeen years, Croatian fiscal policy used two instruments for property taxation.
Newly built properties were taxed through VAT - '' Law on VAT'', and all other properties were under the jurisdiction of - '' Law on real estate trade tax'' .
 Property trade tax fee is founded by 5% fee on tax base - Property's market value, and the rate payer is acquirer.
Exception is made for newly built properties, which are fiscally charged by the combination of two mentioned taxes; building part by VAT, and land by property trade tax.

New legislation strictly describes that a property can not be treated with a combination of two taxes, so it is necessary to describe all the rules and solutions.
The most significant changes can be observed through the following issues:
  • Tax status of the property deliver
  •  Type of the property
  • Tax status of property receiver
Tax changes from January claims that VAT is charged for:
  • Delivery of  properties, or its parts ( including the land on it is located) , if the time period between its start of use and next delivery is less then two years, and also when it was delivered by subject which is obliged for VAT charge.
  • Delivery of building plot, if deliver is obliged for VAT charge.
  •  Transactions of reconstructed buildings , if the cost of reconstruction is higher then 50% of property' s market value. Time period between property's market active and its reconstruction should be less then two years.
All other property transactions, in which the deliver is VAT obliged person, while the receiver is not under VAT charge  - property trade tax.

Transactions delivery when the property deliver is not company did not suffer any tax changes; it is still charged by property trade tax.

Significant news were made in a situation when both parties are under VAT charge, new legislative gives the property deliver option to choose between two taxing options.
This is helpful because the VAT is returnable in future ( 10 years period for properties), and the property trade tax can be observed as additional 5 % cost for company.

Government's note:

Republic of Croatia has been given transit time period, in which taxation of building plot is not obligated through VAT charge.

This year' s changes are reaction on new tax environment, and the idea is to make equal tax treatment for new buildings and those which are already used and reconstructed.
It should prevent situation in which large investments were made in building properties, and tax payer can deduct VAT , in order to sell same property and avoid VAT payment.
Reconstructed building is treated same as new, until its putting on the market, or time period from end of reconstruction is longer then two years.


It is hard to predict effects of this measures on national real estate market.
Although, changes in fiscal policy are always sensitive issue, if it creates simple and fair market environment, then it will surely be a positive factor for national economy.
This year will bring feedback of this measures, so let' s wait and see.

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Idea is in a creating a dynamic place, where the summary about investment aspects combine with an overview of national cultural and natural beauties.

We are looking forward to your assistance in creating this blog, please contact us with your inquiries, so we can bring you recent and relevant insights.

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