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Dalmatian Zagora: Food, wine, games and other short words that bring smile on the face

So, you are aware of natural beauties mentioned in the previous blog. You are right, all of this is incomplete without that human touch. Let's find out what that strange and loud inhabitants do in their leisure time.

Old school:

Mature men of Dalmatian Zagora live a simple life, which is sometimes quite hard to understand.
 Life philosophy and values are based on hard work combined with clear rational values.
 After hard work and lunch, the only reasonable solution is to take a nap.
Late afternoon is the right time to start with fun part of the day.
Gathering in local caffe bar is quite spontaneous, so after a short process of lobbying, teams are formed and the game can begin.
Summer time (when the weather is hot) is a season of bowling, well not exactly a bowling , but something that really looks like that.
I guess that this is the right time to attach a image of a game known as - boćanje.

As you can see, this is a game full of pressure with crowd just in front of the pitch. Training and skills are quite irrelevant, it is a game for mentally strong individuals.
Crowd's sympathies are always on the side of the team which is ready to make a joke and behave properly.

Sport and adventures:

If you are looking for something more sophisticated, well, the solution is just behind the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina -  Golf Club Topala with beautiful nine hole course is placed in a beautiful landscape of Posušje.

For those of you with advanterous spirit, our friends will bring you pleasures of buggy safari and kayaking, as well as a paintball and other kind of adventure tourism.

Or you could just put the towel over your back and go swimming in the Blue Lake, located in the centre of Imotski.

Food and wine:

One thing is common for old school hedonists and seekers of pleasure full of adrenaline - we all enjoy good food and a glass of wine.

Please, contact us for further information about this unique locality placed behind the Biokovo mountain.

Find your property on our website and become a proud Imota.

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