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Dalmatian Zagora: Imotski, hidden diamond revealing

Yes, we are aware that you've already heard for this area. You were floating in one of Makarska riviera beaches, looking at the Biokovo mountain and probably wondering: what kind of savages are hiding from this Mediterranean paradise ?
Guess what; things have changed, savages are reachable with infrastructural improvements, and you are all invited to go across the mountain.

Describing natural beauties and cultural heritage of Dalmatian Zagora would be a quite pretentious effort.
Our aim is to focus on short overview of property environment, and also on advantages of investment in this area.


Although located in continental part of Dalmatia, Imotski is full of Mediterranean signs, especially noticeable in traditionally stone houses and big central square.

It is quite extraordinary to see every day's connection between nature and inhabitants.
Imotski is proud to have park of nature Modro jezero, fascinating Crveno jezero and beautiful football stadium Gospin dolac  practically in town centre.

Biokovo mountain is natural border between Mediterranean and continental part of Dalmatia region.
From 2013. these two regions are connected through D532 road, which makes connection between locations reachable in twenty minutes driving distance through the awesome scenery.
 Significant infrastructural improvements were made with opening of A1 motorway Zagreb-Split-Dubrovnik.


We hope that this blog will awake your curiosity to explore this area.

Dalmatian Zagora is still revealing, so regarding mentioned infrastructural improvements, it is quite obvious that value of properties in this area will surely increase.

No matter if you are looking for a business opportunity, or just a new location for leisure - Dalmatian Zagora is excellent choice.

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